Target your audience where they spend the most time: on their phones.

User Interface Design

Mobile Geo-targeting

Not all buyers are in your targeted location, but they may be interested to buy a property or a car from a place even though they live elsewhere. Don’t miss out on the audience who are interested in the Geolocation but located elsewhere.

Analytics Reports

Nationwide Ad Distribution

Geofencing is not limited to your area. You can target areas around all of your franchise locations in a region or national but with localized messages and target your local competitors.

Analytics Reports

Conversion Zones

A conversion zone is a physical location, typically your store, can connect a customer’s visit to the marketing message that made it happen. Someone entering your geofenced area with a mobile device will be exposed to your marketing message. When they enter your store or physical location, they will step into a conversion zone that can identify them.

Application Development

Full-Service Dashboard

Once your mobile marketing campaigns go live we will provide an interactive dashbaord that will keep you up to date on all the progress of the campaigns. We will provide login credentials to you so you may view progress reports through your computer or mobile phone. A representive will be assigned to you if you have any detailed questions regarding your campaigns