Re-marketing is widely known as one of the most effective advertising strategies thanks to its ability to target website visitors that didn’t convert.

Re-marketing ads can be created through multiple ad platforms and there are several strategies that can be used to boost their benefits.

Let’s have a look at five different ways to re-market that are worth implementing right away.

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1. Cross channel advertising.

Developing a memorable, "top of mind" brand is without a doubt among the most important sales precursors. People like to buy from brands that they recognize and have seen more than once during their online daily browse.

The concept of cross channel advertising allows businesses to shorten the time needed to become a recognizable brand by displaying ads on multiple platforms to previous website visitors.

For instance, if a user visits a website after clicking an ad on Google, the cross channel advertising theory would recommend to advertise to the same user when he logs in to Facebook and Twitter and when he visits other websites that allow to display ads.

2. Take advantage of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a great tool for companies that are looking to start a re-marketing strategy because it allows to create user lists based on their behaviors on a website.

For instance, Google Analytics allows the creation of lists based on time on site, page views, exit pages, goals achievement and much more.

Google Analytics currently integrates with Google AdWords and therefore every list you create in Google Analytics can be used with Google AdWords.

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3. Use re-marketing for search.

Re-marketing for search allows businesses to target people that previously visited the website of a business while they are looking at any custom selected keyword on Google.

Considering that we are targeting previous website visitors, businesses can select broader keywords for re-marketing search campaigns.

Google has recently mentioned that based on studies that they are currently running, re-marketing for search has proven to be one of the most effective campaigns for businesses in terms of cost per acquisition or (CRA).

4. Re-marketing for ecommerce businesses.

Businesses with thousands of products are going to have a hard time to create a banner for each of their products. Both Google and Facebook offer the opportunity to create dynamic re-marketing ads and they work very well.

Google currently allows you to use Google’s templates for dynamic re-marketing ads but they have told us that they are currently developing a system to allow advertisers to upload their own custom dynamic banners.

5. Remarket on YouTube.

YouTube ads are createD and managed using Google AdWords. This means that they can use audiences that are available within AdWords, including the ones created in Google Analytics.

YouTube allows for both video and banner advertising. Video ads are more likely to generate branding and visibility but not as many clicks to the website. On the contrary, banner ads generate more clicks to the website but less branding.

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