The most obvious mistakes people are making on Instagram

Most people try to grow their Instagram following by doing some random stuff like following few friends, liking images of celebrities, trying to copy what other people do.

Honestly, this is dumb.

There are a million more things that people waste their time on Instagram doing that probably don't work anymore either.

You HAVE to be 100% clear on this before creating your Instagram profile (or you’ll just waste a massive amount of time).

You may be asking, what is the most important thing?


The reason "WHY"

Why do you want to grow your Instagram account?

What are your expectations from your followers and how would your life be different if tomorrow morning you woke up and you had thousands of followers?

You want to grow your Social Media accounts with thousands of followers.

You think that if someone has millions of followers, their life is easier and we want them also. That isn’t always the case.

Even though we consume so much information, it still seems impossible to grow our followers rapidly.

15 followers there.

22 followers here.

A few months later we have 270 people following our account.

= fail.

We feel frustrated, don't know what went wrong. But there are so many people who do it.

They didn't start doing that for fun.

They started by clearly defining their "Why" at the beginning.

If you keep your “WHY” in mind the numbers won’t matter. It’s the quality of connections you develop online which will alter the state of your business.

The reason people are able to get consistent results amazing results is because the strategy they have in place.

The framework to follow can be used by anyone. If you want to start your Instagram followers, turn them into website visitors and eventually to customers.

Your action steps

But first...

Your first action step is to identify your "what" and "Why”.

Without a clear vision for growing your Instagram following and being consistent for months and years, you’re not going to get anywhere.

You'll also quit, 100% sure of it.

Hundreds of people start growing their Instagram, but most of them quit before they got any meaningful results.




There will always be a lot of obstacles. You will want to quit and shut it down. You will think there's easier ways.

But those of us who have a clear vision and reason for doing the hard work every time, we reach the final goal, we make it. Even if we wanted to give up a million times.


What is your #1 goal?

Is it to get 10,000 Instagram followers and sell them your online product?

Is it to collect 1,000 email subscribers?

Is it to sell ads on your profile and get your first $1,000 online?

Why do you want that goal?

Do you want to launch an online business and get the first customer through Instagram?

Do you want to earn side or main income so you can live a happier life?

Do you want to start selling your online product?

Your action steps to take immediately....

  1. 1. Spend at least 10 minutes brainstorming your “what” and “why”
  2. 2. Locate accounts that have the right idea and make a list of what you can use for your account.

#1: Write down your #1 goal.

#2: Clearly articulate your reason why.

Now it’s time to find out how to reach your goal.

Here are some key goals to achieve for improved success.

  • “More traffic to my blog without spending money on advertising.”
  • “More readers for my upcoming book.”
  • “More control over my business.”
  • “Connect with influencers in my niche.”
  • “Build a relationship with my audience on a personal level.”

But, how do we do that?

How can we attain the goal we’ve set?

I’ve got a lot of advice along the way, but the best and simplest one is.

I’ve seen it many, many times. People are trying something new and do a bunch of things at once without measuring what’s working and what is not. They’re just messing around with no data collection in mind.

Mistake #1: Trying to do everything by yourself


I would be happy doing everything myself without asking for any help and using some kind of software.

Social Media is about the personal touch, why would I use any kind of automation, right?

Hell NO!

You're building an online business, the purpose of being on Instagram is to get results, not to live there!

There're so many tasks you can do that it's almost impossible to do all the tasks by yourself.

You need more.

You need accountability and direction from someone who has been where you are trying to go.

Mistake #2: Ignoring people who are engaging with you

You know what I mean...

You received direct messages from one of your followers.

You've read it and tell yourself, ok, I will respond later.

And guess what, you never did.

It's the same when someone took the time and commented on your photos... And you didn't respond.

Everyone who's willing to check your profile and leave a meaningful comment or send a direct message is someone who likes you and is trying to engage with you.

If you don't respond, guess what happens next…

Do you think they will go back and leave another comment?

Do you think they will like your images and recommend you to their friends?

Probably not.

So what's the lesson here? Treat these people like gold.

Mistake #3: Not using Hashtags

Let me ask you a question…

If you posted an update (photo or whatever) on your personal Facebook, how many people engaged with your post? 5? 10? 25? 35?

Instagram allows you to post up to 30 hashtags per post! That’s a huge number. Be strategic about choosing the right ones.

Right now, you will look for hashtags with 20k-200k images per hashtag. After you get 10-15k followers, you can use more popular ones, but at the early stage, it is not recommended to go after hashtags with more than 200k images.

Image Explaining Instagram

Your image would just be lost in the feed and received zero engagement.

The goal is to get featured within the popular section under each hashtag.

Tip: Post these 30 hashtags as a comment under your post, it will give you even more engagement!

Mistake #4: Not being consistent

If you want to get results from Social Media, especially from Instagram. Consistency is the key.

When someone starts following you, there’s a reason!

They love your stuff and want more. But if your followers don’t see any update from you for a few days, they forget about you.

They forget why they’re following you, what you are up to, and won’t engage with your content in the future.


  • Instagram rewards those accounts who publish consistently.
  • Your followers are active at a different time, so it’s not enough to publish just once per day.
  • You can schedule your images in advance.

Avoid those mistakes!

Most people believe they have to spend thousands of dollars on advertising, know influencers or spend years trying a bunch of different strategies in order to get great results.

In reality, I've discovered that following the right strategies can get insane results from Instagram.

Imagine, what a hundred new targeted Instagram followers every day would do for your business?

How many people would visit your website or blog?

How many subscribers would join your newsletter, opt-in page or email course?

How much money you’d make?

According to statista, Instagram reached 1 billion users in June 2018.

Quite a lot of people, right?

Instagram engagement is 57 times higher than that of Facebook and 120 times higher than engagement on Twitter.

What does that mean? It is much easier to engage with your fans on Instagram than on any other social platform.

Do you understand where I’m getting at? Whether you’re a food blogger, car repairman, a model or just want to grow your motivational page, Instagram is the best place to go.

It’s much easier than you think, just follow the steps below.

Step #1 – Optimize your profile for maximum engagement

There’s no other step as important as designing your profile to attract your ideal customers.

So what is the first step?

#1: Create eye-catching profile images of you or your company’s logo and set up a bio reflecting your personality and value of your product.

Tip: Don’t just put your website URL, but use a link that directs to your opt-in page/product page instead. (This is the only place where you can create a clickable link)

#2: After creating a profile (if you don’t have one), publish at least 12 images before you start promoting your profile and getting followers.p>

These images or photos should be of top-notch quality. They should reflect what you do, what you’re going to publish in the future and attract your target audience.

Still don’t know what kind of images you should post? I’m going to give you a few tips in step three.

Step #2 – Find at least 30 strategic Hashtags

Instagram allows you to post up to 30 hashtags per post! That’s a huge number.

Tip #1: Post these 30 hashtags as a comment under your post; it will give you even more engagement!

Step #3 -Decide how much content you’re going to publish

As you probably heard, Facebook bought Instagram. That means most of your followers don’t see your updates because of the algorithms.

What is the solution? Post at least 3-4 times (you can post even more) every single day.If you’re not active, why would someone bother to follow you?

My recommendation is to continuously publish:

4-6 Updates per day (at least 2 normal posts and 2 stories).

If you are not a beginner, I recommend posting live video and IG stories as well.

I know what you’re thinking… ‘That’s a lot of content, I don’t know what to publish. It’s going to be really time-consuming... I don’t have time for that.

But it’s easier than you think. You can post:

#1: Photos of your office, of your team, of you or your product. Don’t worry about being too much personal, people want to connect with people.

#2: Motivational, business and inspirational quotes. Quotes are one of the most viral things you can post on Instagram, and they’re really easy to create.

With tools like Canva, PicMonkey or Tablo, it’s like walking in the park.

If you don’t know how to do it, just type ‘how to create a quote using Canva’ on Youtube.

You can even use images (quotes) from other pages, just be sure to give them credit in a caption or tag them.

Tip: On every 30th of each month I create content for all the days in the immediate next month. It takes typically two hours and I don’t have to think about it for the next 30 days.

I’ve been using the tool called to schedule all my posts in advance. You can schedule your posts from your desktop PC without logging into Instagram.

Step #4 – Locate your target users

Using strategies mentioned above, your page will start emerging slowly.

From 5 to 30 followers each day.

You may be thinking, that’s nice, but I want more, it’s not enough!

I couldn’t agree more, the first three steps were the mere introduction to Instagram.

Now it’s time to get the ball rolling and get massive exposure for your page.

#1: Find at least 10 people, brands, or corporations that are your top competitors.

For example, if you’re a food blogger, find ten successful (people liking and commenting on their images) accounts about food, pizza, deserts, etc..

Create a spreadsheet in Google Sheets and type those ten pages, URL of their profile, Followers account (use only accounts with 50k+) and how much likes they’re getting per post. Now the fun part begins!

Click on their ‘followers count’ and start following their followers. Remember, they’re your ideal potential customers and by following them, there’s a good chance they’ll follow you back.

In my experience, 30-40% of them will follow you back.

There’s a limit – you can follow 60 accounts within an hour, do not go for more than 50 per hour.

My recommendation is, Start slowly:

The First week – follow 150 people each day. The second week – follow 300 people. The Third week – follow 450 people and go on…

Step #5 – Engage with your community

Don’t use Instagram as a broadcast platform. Engagement on Instagram is much higher than on the other Social media platforms. People expect more than just receiving updates from you.

There’s a difference between being a publisher, member, and leader of a community, don’t be just a publisher.

If someone comments on your photo, reply back (mention them, using @, in the comment).

Like other people’s photos that have hashtags that you’re interested in.

If someone sends you a direct message, take time and reply back.

Bonus tip #1: Log inside your Instagram account – click Options and scroll down until you see ‘Switch to Business Profile’, click on it and follow the steps.

After that, you’ll get basic analytics about your account (How many impressions your posts got within last seven days, how many accounts saw your posts, how many people visit your profile, how many people clicked on your URL and when your followers are most active)

Bonus tip #2: Gain 20% more engagement on your posts

Before you publish each of your posts, think about the caption (it’s a description of your post/photo).

Every caption should include a call to action.

For example - if you want more engagement, you can write:

#1: double tap if you agree (double tap if you like it)

#2: tag a friend who needs to see this (this works like crazy)

Instagram can be extremely effective.

Just be sure to follow these five steps to make sure your Instagram marketing is worth the effort and time you put into it.

Action Steps:

Step #1: Optimize your profile image, bio and publish 12 images/photos

Step #2: Make a list of 30 strategic Hashtags

Step #3: Create a posting schedule

Step #4: Locate your target users

Step #5: Engage with your community

By following these steps, you will be able to get a hundred new followers by the end of the following day.

If you’re using Instagram, I guess you have noticed that IG stories are more popular than ever.

79% of people confirmed that they check stories first.

They are more personal and authentic, and they create a deep relationship with your audience. I bet this trend will continue even more in the future.

That’s a great chance for entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, consultants, etc…


Because Instagram stories allow you to use a swipe-up feature. Whether you want to send people to your blog, landing page, Youtube channel, or a Shopify store - this feature makes it easy for you.

But there’s a problem for a bunch of you.

This Instagram story swipe-up feature is available only to pages that have more than 10,000 followers.

Actually, there are a couple of new features that are not released to pages that have under 10k followers.

Which is really not that easy to do for some people.

Is it fair? No…. Is it frustrating? Yes…. But that’s reality.

You spend so much time building a relationship with your audience, but you can't use a lot of powerful features.

I know that most of you don’t have 10k+ followers.

It may seem hard or almost impossible to get 10k fans, right?

Don’t worry…

Fortunately, there's a way to go about it, to drive people from your stories to your website even if you have 10, 200, or 7939 followers. It doesn’t matter.

I'm going to share with you a hack (no one else is talking about) that's going to blow your mind.

HINT: Even if you have over 10,000 followers - you want to use this!

The process is simple:

  1. Ask a question on your story with a poll feature.
  2. Find out who responded with ‘YES’ to that question.
  3. Send them a DM with a link.

Because you're a business account, you can swipe up on your story, and you'll see how many people voted ‘YES’ (those people want you to send them a link!).

Better than that, you can actually see which individuals said ‘Yep, I want that,’ and you can send each one of them a direct message.

This Instagram story hack is much better than the normal swipe up feature because, in this case, people are actually saying to you, “Yes, I'm interested.”

You can send them a pre-populated message, and the best part is… They'll be grateful for that link. They'll appreciate that you spent time sending them a personalized message.

From that, you can start genuine conversations with your audience.

It'll build reciprocity, a real relationship with your potential customers.

Let me show you a simple example.

Let’s say you want to drive people to your latest video teaching Yoga for beginners.

You can create a very simple image like this:

Image Explaining Instagram

After a few hours or once the story expires (after 24 hours), go back, swipe up on that story, and you’re going to see the analytics of the story…

The reach, impressions etc…

Click the ‘eye icon’ with the number of people who have seen the story - > you see the number of people who voted YES…

Image Explaining Instagram

And guess what… You can send a direct message to all of them.


Do you see how this technique is powerful? Make sure you have prepared an interesting direct message.

You can use this template:

Hey, I noticed that you voted yes on my story! That’s great that you’re interested in [your topic].
I’ve created a step by step tutorial on [the topic]. I believe you will find it extremely useful!
Here’s the link: [link]
See you there,
[your first name]

It's not like a bot. It's not impersonal. It just makes the work easier for you.

Instagram stories are on fire these days. Use this opportunity. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have. Everyone can use this hack.

If you liked this article and need assistance in boosting your number of quality leads for your business, drop an email HERE


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