The lot of us uses the phrase “Thank you” a lot to our peers, friends, family, and an occasional passerby willing to hold a door open. Nowadays, we can add robots into that category of appreciation.

Bots, better known as chatbots , are standing out in all aspects in business.

Marketing, HR, sales, and customer support are a few branches seeing the most results. These AI helpers are making speedy impacts.

56 percent of industry experts state AI as a crucial tool to add to boost productivity and improve lead generation.

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On the contrary, business leaders are skeptical and question the effectiveness of AI.

In 2017, PwC, CEOs logged their top issues around AI implementation and where to position the AI within their businesses.

It’s common for people to fear what they don’t understand, especially if it involves people’s businesses.

Although, recent survey data claims, consumers are unoffended by AI.

In a recent study of consumers using chatbots, the data collected shows most users, at the end of the conversations, saying thank you.

The kind gestures between the bot and people are telling how people are warming up to AI, no longer seeing the technology as a mindless machine.

The question still stands, why are people so nice to robots? So, let’s dig into why people are so courteous to chatbots.

Chatbots Are An Ideal Line Of Communication.

Innovation within the digital age is not over by no means. Take into consideration how glued people are to their phones.

In fact, 49 percent of consumers in the 2016 Aspect Consumer Experience Index say they prefer to conduct all their customer service queries via text, chat, and messaging.

People are quite attached to their devices. 70 percent of Gen Z and millennials all over the world sleep with their phone within arm’s reach.

Also, according to LivePerson’s report, another 65 percent of those survey participants said they take their phones to the bathroom with them.

It’s kind of gross, yet not surprising.

Text messages and the Messenger app are no longer conversations between friends and family members; they’re about connecting everyone to the world.

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Consumers appreciate chatbot technology. It connects them to your sales team, job recruiters, help desks, ecommerce pages, and payment portals.

It doesn’t matter where they are, they are able to connect with any facet of your business at a moment’s notice.

Having such a powerful tool on your side forms an immediate positive experience that’ll ultimately support your company’s brand.

Chatbots Add A Desired Personal Touch.

Hesitation sets in for business owners when automation technology topics pop up. Losing control broods fear at times.

In a way you are disconnecting from some of your consumers and employees. The fear of not effectively engaging with your target audience is a valid concern.

However, chatbots are a fantastic way to engage with your potential customers. By incorporating the technology you’re answering inquiries in a moments notice 24/7.

You’re meeting the need of instant gratification that everyone has in our modern world.

58 percent of consumers have expressed feelings of being underappreciated by companies they do business with, according to Aspect’s report.

Chatbots are making them feel heard, understood, and appreciated.

Rather than minimalizing internal processes for general tasks, chatbots are giving people the immediate engagement factor of welcoming and belonging.

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Chatbots Empower The End User.

There was a case study conducted by Overthink Group, there analysis unveiled interesting data. Amtrak’s chatbot answers over five million annually since 2016.

71 percent of those responders were positive on the idea of solving an issue themselves. Amtrak’s self-service chatbot option was exactly what their customers wanted.

Chatbots are new to the game of business. What live bots have done for early adopter companies has been nothing short of astounding.

The technology is constantly adding new features and possibilities for owner and user alike. Looking forward to seeing what chatbots are capable of within the next five years.

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